We have an amazing schedule lined up for this year’s UNC CAUSE Conference, which will be announced very soon! Learn what your IT colleagues are doing at their UNC campus by registering for 2021 UNC CAUSE. You only need to register once to gain access to all conference events!

register for 2021 UNC CAUSE

We know schools are still experiencing constraints around the pandemic, budget, and travel, so we are once again offering a one-payment registration rate per school. This means that once payment has been made for a campus, any registrant from that campus may attend the entire conference!

2021 UNC CAUSE Rates:

  • Campuses with > 10,000 students:  $500 (one-time fee)
  • Campuses with < 10,000 students:  $250 (one-time fee)

Visit 2021 UNC CAUSE Registration to learn more about the campus rates and to register for the conference. We look forward to seeing you all in October!